photogenix Photo and videography Services

Vendor options include  photo enlargement  to "poster" size for a framed wall portrait up to 24 in. wide by 48 in. high.   The photo can be printed on many mediums including  photo grade paper, canvas for a painting-like appearance. 

( we offer the optional  ability to convert your photo to a simulated painting look),  and even metals for a modern look.)

Using  pre-selected photos, we can make a highly personalized photo slide  show on your final copy of the  EVENT DVD OR CREATE A SLIDE SHOW DVD FOR PHOTO SHOOT ONLY  sessions.  We can add photos that your friends or family took (extra charge) to the final project as well    (We cannot be held responsible for the quality of those photos).  We do offer optional photo touchup for such shots.

​​We have the latest computer resources to read most memory card formats as well as CD and DVD data for submitted   photos from your guests. We are also on high speed online for emailing photos to us "in a pinch".   Our video cameras can record in standard TV format (480i,in 4x3 {the standard picture tube style}), as well  as the letterbox format for same TV (yes,letterbox means those black bars at the  top and bottom of the screen).  

We can also record in High Definition* in both 720p and 1080i formats.     

*Keep in mind that not everyone has High Definition tvs nor the REQUIRED BLUE RAY Player to play/view this format.  Blue Ray High Definition DVDs will NOT PLAY IN STANDARD DVD PLAYERS. THEREFORE,unless requested  in your contract, we film in standard tv format only and without the 16x9 letterbox format.